Your smile is unique. Your braces should be too.


How LightForce Compares



All your doctor needs is a digital scan of your teeth.

Traditional Treatment

Uncomfortable impressions are needed by your doctor.



We design your custom treatment plan virtually.

Traditional Treatment

A mold of your teeth is produced.



LightForce braces fit every tooth perfectly to maximize comfort and reduce breakage.

Traditional Treatment

Each bracket is uniform with little to no customization.

3 Benefits of LightForce

Braces built for you - and only you.

Each bracket is custom built by LightForce using some of the world’s most sophisticated 3D Printing technology

Shorter treatment times and fewer office visits.

Get out of the orthodontist’s chair, and back to living your life.4

More comfortable, more efficient treatment.

Our brackets conform precisely to your teeth, reducing discomfort and improving the straightening accuracy


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*Note: the claims made above reflect the anecdotal evidence and best practices from the orthodontists currently using and developing LightForce.

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