Introducing LightForce, the world’s only fully-customized, 3D-printed bracket system. LightForce combines proprietary treatment planning software and advanced 3D printing technology to create braces that match the patient’s exact tooth morphology and prescription. LightForce customization addresses the inefficiencies inherent in standard prescriptions.


LightForce™ 3D Technology

Delivering a patient-specific prescription for each case, the LightForce system is unlike anything you’ve ever used. Each bracket is custom created and 3D-printed, bringing a new level of flexibility and clinical possibilities. This enhances treatment efficiency and minimizes time-consuming adjustments in all phases of treatment.

Prescription Agnostic

Unlike traditional brackets with a predetermined prescription, LightForce brackets are 3D-printed with a patient-specific prescription programmed in. They’re tailored to the patient’s unique dental anatomy and treatment plan.


About LightForce: The Fine Print

Emerging from the bustling startup scene in the Boston area, LightForce Orthodontics is the culmination of a journey that continues today. Delivering the first significant advancement in bracket-based treatment protocol in the past 50 years, LightForce unites the latest in 3D printing, orthodontic insight and digital treatment.

The World’s Only Fully-Customized, 3D-Printed Brackets

Conceptualized during the Boston blizzard of 2015, LightForce Orthodontics was created to explore the idea that it would be possible to give the orthodontist a truly individualized approach to bracket-based orthodontic treatment.

Working in the shadow of the famed Green Monster in Boston, MA, the company was founded by Alfred Griffin III, who hypothesized that 3D printing technology and advanced digital treatment planning capabilities could be united to create a 100% customized prescription for each patient.

After exhaustive research and design, Griffin patented a system for 3D printing custom-designed brackets based on the anatomy and tooth morphology of each patient. The LightForce technology uses material virtually identical to familiar injection modeled ceramic brackets, but specially formulated for 3D printing. The system provides the precision and strength required for orthodontic appliances, while offering future development pathways for aesthetic options.

Griffin then added Dr. Lou Shuman – a key member of the Invisalign® executive team during its early hyper growth, a dental industry key opinion leader, and a successful entrepreneur/CEO – to the LightForce team. From there, the LightForce roster grew with the addition of key biomechanical engineers, hardware engineers and software developers with a history of building advanced dental systems.

Today LightForce is headquartered in the Cambridge area of Boston and continues to add top notch engineering talent. The company received FDA clearance in 2019 and the complete system was officially launched at the 2019 AAO Annual Session in Los Angeles CA.

Meet Our Founders

Alfred Griffin, DMD, PhD
Founder, CEO

The founder and CEO of LightForce Orthodontics, Alfred Griffin III is a second-generation orthodontist from Virginia. He has a Masters of Medical Sciences from Harvard Medical School, his certificate from the Harvard School of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, and his DMD, PhD from the Medical University of South Carolina. His bracket research has been published in the Angle Orthodontist and he holds the patent for customized orthodontic brackets using ceramic 3D printing methods.

Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS

Lou Shuman is a co-Founder of LightForce Orthodontics and acts as a Senior Advisor to the CEO. He is an Orthodontist and received his DMD degree and his Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies in Orthodontics from the Henry M. Goldman Boston University School of Dental Medicine. Before joining industry, he owned a 10-doctor private group practice. Dr. Shuman was instrumental in driving early growth for Align as their VP of Strategic Relations where he led professional marketing and university integration. He is also the founder and CEO of Cellerant Consulting Group, dentistry’s leading corporate incubator and accelerator.


Digital Workflow

1. Scan, 2. Software, 3. Print

Every Bracket, Tooth Perfect

The simple and intuitive on-line interface is designed for fast and efficient treatment planning. Simply set the teeth in the desired occlusion and then position the brackets. The proprietary digital design and manufacturing software compensates dynamically to modify the bracket programming to maintain straight wire principles.

Vertical Slot Turntable

Simple Interface

Designed by orthodontists for orthodontists, the simple and intuitive online interface is designed for fast and efficient treatment planning.



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