Our Mission

Empower orthodontists with the best technology to create a bite and smile that is as unique as the patient.

Our Story

Snowed in during the infamous Boston blizzard of 2015, Dr. Alfred Griffin III began his research into the recent breakthroughs published regarding the 3D printing industry. He theorized that we may now be able to print a clinically acceptable printed bracket, something that has never been done before.
After an exhaustive three years of research and development, Dr. Griffin achieved the once impossible- a 3D printed bracket made of ceramic polycrystalline alumina. The industry would soon see, for the first time ever, something that the majority of orthodontists talk about, the ability to create a 100% personalized fixed appliance treatment. 

Dr. Griffin then joined forces with Dr. Lou Shuman – a key member of Invisalign® during its early hyper-growth, a dental industry key opinion leader, and a successful entrepreneur/CEO. From there, LightForce grew with the addition of key biomechanical engineers, hardware engineers, and software developers with a history of building advanced dental systems.

Today LightForce is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company received FDA clearance in 2019 and the complete system was officially launched at the 2019 AAO Annual Session.

Leadership Team

Alfred Griffin, DMD, PhD

Founder & CEO

Harvard-trained Orthodontist from a family of orthodontists and dentists

Read more about Alfred Griffin, DMD, PhD

Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS


Orthodontist, Former VP Clinical Education and Global Strategy - Align Technology

Read more about Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS

Kelly Riedel


Read more about Kelly Riedel

Amos Benninga

Vice President of Engineering

Grew and led 80 engineer team at GrabCAD > Stratasys as VP Engineering

Read more about Amos Benninga

Kurt Frazier

Vice President of Sales

Scaled over 800 reps at Align Technology

Read more about Kurt Frazier

Matt Handy

Vice President of Marketing

Grew PUMA Golf from $0 to $125MM, selling to SMBs

Read more about Matt Handy

Kelsey Fafara

Director of Hardware Engineering

Read more about Kelsey Fafara

Craig Sidorchuk

Director of Software Engineering

Read more about Craig Sidorchuk

Elliot Bodian

Vice President of Operations

Read more about Elliot Bodian

Prospero Bruce

Costa Rica General Manager

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Eran Nadir

Head of Operations and Manufacturing

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Values Behaviors 

Why we are the trusted industry leader in the new era of personalized orthodontics.

  1. The patient always comes first.
  2. Quality over everything.
  3. The orthodontists are the experts.
  4. Hear and listen to our customers.
  5. Never stop improving.

Company Culture

Our work is only as strong as our team. Taking the time to build relationships improves over all work ethic and quality of output, as well as trust between employees.




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