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2019 07 3d print

LightForce launches fully customized braces enabled by 3D printing

3D Printing Industry, Published 22 Jul 2019

Based in Massachusetts, LightForce Orthodontics has developed what is said to be the first first fully customized braces enabled by 3D printing. Using a light-based additive manufacturing system and cloud-based CAD software, each bracket is 3D printed and personalized to its patient for effective teeth-straightening treatments.

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2019 06 3dprint com

Introducing LightForce Orthodontics and Its Customized 3D Printed Bracket System, Published 09 Jun 2019

A dental resident walked into a bar full of Harvard graduate students. No, it’s not the beginning of a bad joke, but actually the genesis of venture-backed startup LightForce Orthodontics, which officially launched at this year’s American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Session.

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Ortho town logo

New Products - LightForce System

Ortho Town, Published 05 Jun 2019

With the LightForce system, each bracket is dynamically designed in real time based on the patient's specific tooth morphology and the clinician's individual treatment plan.

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2019 06 ortho products

Bringing Customization to the Bracket Patient

Orthodontic Products, Published 02 Jun 2019

With LightForce Orthodontics’ debut at the AAO Annual Meeting, Alfred Griffin III, DMD, PhD, introduced the industry to its first fully customized 3D printed bracket system

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2019 06 ortho practice us

The Fine Print

Orthodontic Practice US, Published 01 Jun 2019

Ortho practice US introduces the team making the world's first, and only, customized, 3D-printed bracket system

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