3D Printing in Orthodontics: Why Practices that Adopt Will Win Their Market

Published 7 Oct, 2020

Contemporary, busy patients are seeking shorter treatment times, reduced number of office visits, and customization for their particular needs. These requirements make LightForce’s capability for 3D printing in orthodontics literally a perfect fit and the answer to their search. With seamless integration into already established digital protocols, the LightForce system increases efficiency per case. Because of the customized fit of the 3D-printed brackets, patients need fewer and shorter visits. Because the bracket is placed specific to tooth anatomy, the orthodontist can delegate to the staff member, taking even less “doctor time.

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LightForce and SureSmile for Doctors

Published 30 Oct, 2020

Decisions, decisions. Braces or aligners? SureSmile or LightForce? For orthodontists who want to differentiate themselves as tech savvy and dedicated to patients’ needs and requests, integrating both LightForce and SureSmile digital technologies are the key to totally individualized treatment. These complementary treatment modalities make planning easy and efficient — and even better, offer a gamut of treatment capabilities to satisfy every patient’s needs. Learn how orthodontists are transforming their practices with LightForce’s fully customized 3D printed tooth-moving technology.

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Blog Post

LightForce and Invisalign for Doctors

Published 18 Aug, 2020

When deciding between LightForce or Invisalign for doctors, the decision should be simple — It’s not LightForce or Invisalign, it’s LightForce and Invisalign.

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Fall tour cover

Top 6 Questions from the Fall Meetings About LightForce

Published 1 Nov, 2019

The LightForce team is just completing its Fall 2019 launch tour. Since officially launching from the NESO podium in late September, we have had great discussions with orthodontists from Boston to Hawaii, and Florida to Newport Beach CA, with stops in Dallas and Branson, MO in between. In this post we answer the top 6 questions we heard from doctors.

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Kelsey blog 01

Collaboration Leads to Innovation

Published 1 Sep, 2019

Recently, LightForce Orthodontics had a chance to sit down with, Director of Hardware Engineering at LightForce, Kelsey Fafara. In our world today, it’s no secret that the representation of women in scientific fields is falling short. Kelsey is a great example of how this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

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Waldman unboxing 03

Dr. Waldman Unboxes His LightForce Brackets, Part 3

Published 16 Aug, 2019

Dr. Alexander Waldman, President of Waldman Orthodontics, Beverly Hills, appears as LightForce Orthodontics Guest Blogger for a third time. He is now joined by colleague and fellow orthodontist Dr. Oscar Reyna-Blanco.

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Waldman unboxing 02

Dr. Waldman Unboxes His LightForce Brackets, Part 2

Published 5 Aug, 2019

Dr. Alexander Waldman, President of Waldman Orthodontics, appears for a second time as a Guest Blogger for LightForce Orthodontics.

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Waldman unboxing 01

Dr. Waldman Unboxes His LightForce Orthodontics Brackets

Published 17 Jul, 2019

Dr. Alexander Waldman, President of Waldman Orthodontics, is appearing as a Guest Blogger for LightForce Orthodontics.

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Amos 01

Digitizing Dental Braces

Published 15 Apr, 2019

Amos Benninga, VP of Engineering at LightForce, shares his reasons for joining LightForce and talks about custom braces and the exciting future of digitizing dental braces and dental treatment in general.

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Teeth arch

The Patient Is The Prescription

Published 1 May, 2019

LightForce introduces a revolutionary approach to fixed-appliance treatment. Bringing digital precision to bracket-based treatment, LightForce generates a 100% customized prescription for each patient. This post introduces the LightForce system.

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Alfred lou

Welcome to LightForce™ Orthodontics

Published 9 Apr, 2019

LightForce founders Alfred and Lou discuss the impact of customization in orthodontics.

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